The ‘Age of Deception’ it is indeed.

Just shows how two faced the general British public are. How is it that most people said they were for Labour but Tories won?? I dont think this one was rigged. Think about it, it makes sense. The world is full of deception. We’ve been watching over the years, how people claim to care about the NHS/emergency services, the educational system and poverty, when in reality, only a care is given when it concerns themselves. These ignorant, selfishh, people were too scared to come out with their shitty truth; they lied and pretended to lick ass until it came down to privately inking that ballot paper, so as not to be branded racist and what not, by the rest of the public. Why not just be their true anaconda selves??? Arseholes. Fuck what others think..your views are your views, own it!! Nice Britain. Nice. Clap on the head for setting such an example.
Bring on the future multicultural generations!!! Make Britain Proud!!!



The Cave(family)man Complex

Am upset at how some families continue to treat their daughters in this day in age. How they speak to them and totally disregard their happiness. Culture is elevated to the point of worship. And religion is divided into what they like and don’t like, and placed below. Some members have been born and raised here in the UK and are stuck in the samee backwards bubble their elders are in, clearly refusing to integrate and accept the various life choices people have the freedom to make. Purely because they wish to keep bullshit traditions going and remain patriarchal, keep women beneath them, silence them.
Reported by Abu Hurayra, the Messenger (pbuh) said “Treat women well. Woman was created from a rib, the most crooked part of the rib is the top part. IF YOU TRY TO STRAIGHTEN IT, YOU WILL BREAK IT. IF YOU LEAVE IT, IT REMAINS CROOKED. So treat women well”.
SubhanAllah!!! Science and Psychology lesson for real. Or is it just me that thinks that?? This does not only apply to husbands and fathers. It applies to brothers too. There is a reason as to why Allah counts a womans tears!! And why Heaven lies under her feet!! Or why a woman opens the gates of Jannah (Heaven) for her father when she is born. When brothers see painful tears, caused by them on their sisters face, THIS is what they should remember. He is her mahram too. He must protect her. Emotionally as well as physically. A womans happiness is the core and force from family members will only push her away. No sin upon her but instead, upon them. They don’t have a single clue. And the worst thing is, generation after generation, they have succeeded in laying these patriarchal maggots in their womens brains. These women accept this demeaning position and agree to silently endure whatever bullshit their men throw at them. Now making it seem ‘normal’, Therefore, mothers are passing on that bullshit to the next generation via the backwards bubble and surprise surprise, (clearly they dont give two shits about sociology or psychology, major aspects of Islam) they all growing up to be just like the elders. Because it’s ‘culture’, ‘tradition’, “dont think ur British!” ..IN 2015!!! Abouutt “we allowed my sister to work instead of getting her married off early, isnt that enough for her?” Allowed???!!!! Deluded doesn’t even cut it. Real talk..if we have that red passport, we British mate..born and raised. Mentality and all!! Don’t need to shove dumb parts of culture down our throat in order to make sure we have good morals and values! If they wanted us to be cavewomen..why the hell were we brought up in the west???! Should have kept us in some mud hut in the jungle!!


The West? Civilised??

So Bollywood actress Veena Malik and her husband are in the mainstream media. For blasphemy..which is bringing out the ignorant truth from the masses. All using her shitty story to insult my religion and my people. I have many big hearted, understanding non Muslims in my life, they respect me, for me. Being a Muslim doesn’t matter. Those who ask questions, take time to listen and learn, just as I do for them. I am telling you..they are all a minority..believe me. The actual reality of it all is really disgusting. And backwards..after hearing about what a lot of the public had to say. First of all..them ignorants need to shut the hell up before they start running their filthy traps in public. If you’re gona wile out..get your bloody facts STRAIGHT first!!..piss off with the assumptions. And second..just because something has little or no value to you, does not mean it has little or none to someone else. We learn these psychological values in the West, so why are the masses acting like uneducated pigs??? Putting us Muslims down for being backwards but look at how the ‘civilised’ are going on now!! I can’t stand people that have no respect for religion!! If it means so much to you, that you revolve your life around a certain belief..a civilised person would never try to ridicule you. But it seems, along with pride and arrogance, the West are starting to forget their own values and teachings, basically putting themselves in the same ranks of the Idiots who compel, oppress and kill in the name of Islam. They are trying to force us Muslims into believing Islam is backdated, man made and that there is no Allah..Astaghfirullah!! Who the hell are they to tell us that they are better than us and our beliefs??! Those people have something to learn from us. But they won’t, as long as they choose to be ignorant. Please DON’T remain silent towards those you come across in life that will bad mouth another group based on their beliefs. I see it ALOT. You never know, that one little thing you say might be the reason as to why they feel shame. Then think of the influence this person could have on his/her circle. There is no future if the present is still in the past!!


Ignorance reallyy isn’t bliss.


Let it go. ISIS is NOT Islam. Dont be showing yourself up to be an uneducated crackwhore..because that is how I see ignorants.

The Prophet said: “Beware! Whosoever oppresses a Muahid (i.e. Non-Muslim living in Muslim land with agreement) or snatches (any of) his rights or causes him pain which he cannot bear, or takes anything from him without his permission, Then “I WILL FIGHT AGAINST SUCH A (MUSLIM) ON THE DAY OF JUDGEMENT”” [Sunnan Abu Dawud, Volume No. 3, Page No. 170, Hadith No. 3052]

“If any Muslim killed a Muahid (i.e. non-Muslim living in Muslim land with agreement) then he (muslim) shall not even smell the fragrance of Paradise although the fragrance of Paradise would have been perceived from the distance of travelling for 40 years”. [Sahih Bukhari, Volume No. 3, Hadith No. 2995]

Now, if the ISIS knob jockeys are blatantly not following the fundamental rules of Islam, how are a lot of the educated, knowledgeable masses in the West agreeing with them in regards to calling Iraq and Syria an ‘Islamic’ State? Howww is it Islamic?? All I am reading and hearing is Islamic State this and Islamic State that. It is nooootttttt Islamic!!!! Beheading in the name of are some soo easillyyy manipulated?? Why does it even cross their mind that it is Islamic? What has religion got to do with murder?? People from all sorts of backgrounds have been doing this vile act for centuries! Is it because some idiotic, brainwashed baffoons claim it to be so?? Or because the police and media have said so? In that case, if it is that easy, them certain ‘priests’ molesting and raping Christian women in order to rid them of sins, and the rape and molestation of young boys is a Christian thing is it?? The Buddhists murdering Muslims not too long ago, am I supposed to believe that what was being portrayed is true Buddhism?? No. I do not correlate the two. Nor do I associate Zionist acts with Judaism. I am saying all of this as a Muslim and the majority of Muslims will say the same thing. These are all crimes of power and greed. Murder and oppression is not justified in any religion/way of life. So why are so many condeming this act as Islamic? And believe that this so called Islamic State being called for is actuallyy within the boundaries of Islam?? If one does not know that much about Islam, they should stop flapping their gums about what they thiiink they know. Maybe pick up a couple of books and read instead of being vulnerable couch potatoes, soaking in all the shit they listen to and repeating it for the rest of their sheep-like lives! -Along with those misguided fools leaving the UK to go and join the imposters to shed more blood. All these people are doing is using their ignorance to intice more hate. Islam, like all religions, is a religion of peace, not murder. And it is most certainly not some like to intentionally,  unknowingly or indirectly put it!!!


The maggots successfully laid by men, in most womens brains.

There is this “occupational hazard of being a woman. Men’s bodies are not used as weapons against them, and shame is a language that women have learned from birth. We are told that sex is something that can hurt us, that we have to constantly be on the defensive lest we attract negative attention. If we are criticized or attacked, we are asked what we did to deserve it.

What does it mean that we live in a world where this kind of thing not only happens to people, but also that there is no shortage of spectators happy to gawk and cheer on the perpetrators? Neither the law nor public opinion has been on our side. Women like me, who try to fight back, only turn themselves into bigger targets. We are blamed for not silencing ourselves and not learning our lesson the first time around.” -Lena Chen matter how hard the retaliation will be..stand up, speak up and fight back!! Men have abused their rights over women for far toooo flippin long!! ..and in return, they get a pat on the back from society! (Shows the amount of love and respect women really have.) Forget that. Im not about that. I would rather die an unmarried woman then to put up with a lifetime of that kind of abuse..and believe me..I am prepared. God WILL love me more than any man can. If they can’t educate themselves, I will refuse to associate any part of my life with thaat. Yukk!!


Women, Men and Islam..the marriage bit.

I think some men reallyy need to re evaluate some aspects of Islam. It makes my blood booiilll knowing that a lot of Muslim men (esp asian) feel that it is ok to oppress his wife..just because of a few verses that clearlyy needs to be studied further (shameful: these guys prob dont even know they are doing it!). God does not say it is ok to do as you please just because you are a man. Pahleasee! If you have serious double standards and are doing something that reallyy upsets your wife..remember, Allah has already told you, He isnt counting her tears for nothing. Hmmm any idea whyy??! All laws put in place have fully justified reasons and ALL have set conditions that is only fully understood through studying Islam and history. If you read a verse and it feels wrong/sexist..then you have understood it wrong, plain and simple. I know this because I am a woman..and as a woman, Islam does NOT oppress me, it does not make me feel any less of a human, nor does it allow my husband to EVERR make me feel unjust. It is MEN that make me feel like that, not Islam. Islam gives me more freedom then anyy man can these days. I fully accept all the rules in marriage, they all make perfectly good sense. But some men..some are just happy as long as they can do what they want because they ‘think’ they understood it right. You want 4 wives just because you ‘can’? Getting bored with the fruit so now you want a fruit salad yeah?? No. Dont work like that boo boo.

“And you will never be able to be equal [in feeling] between wives, even if you should strive [to do so]. So do not incline completely [toward one] and leave another hanging. And if you amend [your affairs] and fear Allah – then indeed, Allah is ever Forgiving and Merciful.
But if they separate [by divorce], Allah will enrich each [of them] from His abundance. And ever is Allah Encompassing and Wise.” – Quran (4:129-130)


Faith and Humanity

I love those of true faith…even those that may not have a particular faith as such, im not one to judge or condemn you. That is your choice and we have been given freedom of choice. If you are good to me im good to you. Those that are good deserve good and no harm should everr come their way. Those that murder and the name of religion and compel people to change their religion are not of any religion themselves, let alone mine. I cannot believe, after the way our brothers and sisters are being treated in the Middle East, Islam is being used by idiots (ISIS) to exterminate Christians in Iraq. My blood boiled as I watched and heard them recite the Shahada and Allahs name over the dissgusstinnngg beheading of an innocent..May Allah grant him Peace! True Islam strictly DEMANDS that we respect other beliefs and let others live in peace, especially if they are bringing peace. Whooo are these ISIS bumholes trying to change the Divine Word??! Whyy is the majority of the Ummah silent?? How can we protect Islam if we cant even protect Gods creation and stand up for them? There is another genocide going on people…so what if they are not Muslim?!!  Innocents are being buried in parts..cant even go to the grave as a whole person. And ISIS claim to be of my religion..I think not! Make dua for those suffering in Iraq. Let other Muslims know of what is going on!! Let the Christians live in peace!!! They have helped us in many times of need so we must stand by them!! We all have the same Creator!! We need to get rid of the extremists but I just dont know how..theres always a group of illiterate penchods that will literally fabricate anyy excuse to do the unthinkable. How do these bastards even get into positions of power?? Grrrrr!! I just hope the Christians dont loose faith in us true Muslims. We are with youu..not ISIS.